Meet Your Guides

During your trip through the wilds of Costa Rica, you'll be accompanied by some expert guides. We aim to help you get the most out of your exploration of photography and the rainforest during the tour.

Max Waugh

Max Waugh, photographer
© Michael Neff
Max's first visit to Costa Rica was in 2005. The moment he arrived on the Osa Peninsula and stepped into Corcovado National Park, it instantly became one of his favorite locations for nature photography. In 2008 Max returned to Corcovado and based himself at Sirena Research Station, where he and Felipe encountered a family of pumas (twice!) in what remains one of Max's favorite animal encounters.

For more than a decade-and-a-half, Max has been photographing wildlife, travel and sports subjects professionally. He has been a multiple finalist in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and received multiple honors in the Windland Smith Rice competition. His work has been on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and has appeared in such publications as Africa Geographic and ESPN the Magazine. When he's not tromping through the rainforest with a camera, Max can often be found in Yellowstone National Park (his other favorite place) or seeking out wildlife in places like Africa and South America. He also leads photography workshops and classes near his home in the Seattle area. To see more of Max's work, check out our photo gallery or visit

Max is First Aid and CPR certified. As your tour leader and photo advisor on this trip, he will not only taking you to some of his favorite spots in Costa Rica, but will lend advice and guidance on how to photograph the wildlife that lives there. To learn more about what we'll photograph on the trip, read more about the tour or view the full trip itinerary.

William Granados

William Granados, wildlife guide
© William Granados
Born in San Ramon de Alajuela, surrounded by nature, William's first jobs were in local coffee farms and mills with his brothers. He also worked as a forest guide and trail designer. Later he moved to San José and, in 1992, began working with Costa Rica Expeditions (CRE), the country's foremost tour outfitter.

Over the years he has studied Agricultural Engineering, Natural History and Vulcanology, Hospitality, and Tourism Management. His love of the outdoors makes him perfectly suited for guiding, which he now does full time. "I really enjoy introducing visitors to my native land and revel in showing off the real Costa Rica. Along the way, I always look for fun and unique learning opportunities." Weekends, he says, are spent with his family: "We may take a country drive or go bird-watching. I also like to cook or spend time reading."

Felipe Arias

Felipe Arias, wildlife guide
© Patty Chang Anker
Felipe was raised on the Osa Peninsula where Corcovado National Park now sits, and knows the area like few others.

Tired of subsisting by poaching and illegal gold prospecting in the park, Felipe started tagging along with natural history groups sent by CRE several years ago. The guides reported back that he had an uncanny ability to find animals and that he knew more about their habits and ecology than the researchers. Felipe was soon hired to go along with the groups as tracker, and CRE soon sent him to the States to learn English. Since then Felipe has worked as a freelance guide, and is now considered one of the foremost wildlife trackers in the world. Felipe was featured in the Costa Rica episode of Richard Bangs' television show, Adventures With Purpose, in September, 2011.

Felipe will serve as our lead naturalist guide for the Corcovado tour extension.

Costa Rica Expeditions

All travel planning for your tour will be handled by Costa Rica Expeditions. A leader in the ecotourism industry for over 30 years, CRE was named one of Condé Nast's "Top Travel Specialists We Trust" in 2016. In 2011, Travel & Leisure named CRE of the world's Top 10 Tour Operators.

Costa Rica Expeditions was founded by Michael Kaye to help the sophisticated traveler explore Costa Rica — its flora and fauna, its people and culture, its wild and beautiful places. Michael and his wife, Yolanda started Costa Rica Expeditions as a white water rafting company in the fall of 1978. Although the company has grown considerably since, the original vision which Michael expressed in a June 1981 brochure has not changed:

"Our goal is to create unique travel experiences that transcend conventional sightseeing and travel. Our dream is to promote the type of tourism which is mutually beneficial and nourishing to both the visitor and the visited."

Learn more about Costa Rica Expeditions on their website.

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